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Cosmetic glitter grab tubs.

Cosmetic glitter grab tubs.

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A selection of all of my standard colours, in the main collection available 15g tubs, 30g tubs (some also available in 50g tubs.) If you can't select a 50g tub this is because we don't stock that amount in this colour. 

5g bags 

100g bags 

How much will I need? I recommend 1g per person, so if you are doing an all day event and normally paint about 12 people and hours, for 6 hours you would need 

All my glitter is of grade 1/2 cosmetic standard, tested to both European and FDA standards EN22, not just EN71 which is actually a toy standard. Please ensure when purchasing any cosmetic glitter you check it has been tested to the EN22 standard. The outline grades are below, but for more info check out my FAQ's. All my glitter is at least grade 2 (even my glitter tattoo glitter), with 95% of it being grade 1. 

Glitter grades:

Grade 1: Safe for use around the lips and eyes as well as on the face/skin. 

Grade 2: Safe for use on the face, be careful around the eyes. 

Grade 3: Safe for use on the body - (Good for glitter tattoos.)

Grade 4: Nail art standard, safe for use near the skin, not recommended for real cosmetics.