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Product data sheets and info!


Below is some info about cosmetic glitter, bio glitter, followed by a list of product data sheets. Please note these sheets only refer to the glitter and products supplied by us.

COSMETIC GLITTER - What makes it safe? 

The term "Cosmetic glitter" can cover a wide range of products, including glitter only suitable for use on nails, not skin or the face. All of our glitter sold on this website is grade 1 and 2, which means it is safe for use on the skin, hair and face, including near the eyes. Please still take care as it may still be uncomfortable to have glitter in your eyes, but it wont do any damage to the cornea etc. 

Below I have provided a chart produced officially by my manufacteur in their testing that outlines the EU guidelines on grading of glitter. (I have put some notes to help translate.) This refers only to the colorants used, but the cut is also just as important. Please ensure the method used to cut your cosmetic glitter is sheet cutting, all of our glitter is in this way. 

How to read this chart: 

The following chart that explains the grades - column 1 = Grade 1 and so on.

As you can see Grade 1 is suitable for all cosmetic products, Grade 2, is suitable except for those applied directly to eye lids, having checked with my supplier this is more a safety precaution for smaller glitters below 0.04m used with products such as eye shadow. The only products we supply that are grade 2 are UV reactive coloured glitters. 

Please note that grade 3 and 4, are not suitable for mucus membranes (eyes.) and only suitable for slight skin contact. This is glitter regularly supplied as "cosmetic" but one that is not suitable for use in face painting. 

The colour coding then corresponds with the testing my manufactures have done on their products. If you see the attached product data sheet in the product data sheet section below. You will note all the glitters colored as Column 1. 


BIO GLITTER - what is it? how is made?

All of our bio glitter comes from the world re-noun UK manufacture Ronald Britton. They sell it to us in bulk of 4kg+ per color, and we mix it into our unique colour mixes and ranges. Please note they are the only manufacture of bio glitter in the UK, so all sellers of bio glitter will be sourcing from them, so ultimately buy from someone you trust. 

For more info on how its made etc, head to their website by clicking here: BIO GLITTER. They have some great info and printable sheets. 

In terms of bio glitter pricing it's more than 50% more expensive to buy and manufacture, however at glitter balls we absorb this increased cost to keep your pricing low and in-line with our cosmetic glitters! YEY


Cosmetic glitter - file:///C:/Users/groov/OneDrive/Documents/LG%20Facepainting/Product%20data%20sheets/Product%20data%20sheet%20-%20cosmetic.pdf

 Bio glitter - Click here

Medical tape - To follow