Please note, due to issues with postal services we no longer ship to the USA. If you wish to purchase our products, please visit our american stockist where Domimque stocks a selected range.


How do I buy some of your products and how can I pay?

Just click on the shop above and add products to your basket. Set up or log into your account to check out. I accept PayPal or payment via a secure platform for all major debit and credit cards. 

How come I have to create an account to buy?

As I am a small business supplier it is important to me that your order is perfect and that I understand your preferences etc. The easiest way to do this is to have an account. This way you can also keep track of your orders and it stores your data securely to allow you to check out quickly and easily the next time you buy. 

Talking about storing data, how safe is your system?

Data security is very important to me. That's why I work through a 3rd party platform, Shopify, which is the safest way for me to supply an e-commerce website. They work every day with this type of data with secure firewalls, passwords etc and have the expertise to ensure I can provide the safest site possible. They do not share your data with any third party as I have opted out of even offering this option, so you can be assured anything you enter will be used for the purpose of placing your order and that's where it ends. If you're interested in more info pleas check out the whole privacy statement available through the link at the bottom of the home page. 

How much is your postage, and do you post to outside the UK?

Postage is a nominal £3 under £50 orders and free above. I do post to outside the UK - head over to the checkout page for more info, but prices start at £5. 

What are the ingredients in your products?

All the ingredients are clearly listed on the packaging if needed. If you need a list of ingredients before purchase, please see individual product listings which have all the info listed. I also carry all the data sheets and cosmetic certificates etc, just ask if you need a copy. 

Is all your glitter cosmetic?

Yes, all of my glitters come from trusted cosmetic glitter manufacturers and are tested to European cosmetic standards Grade 1 suitable for use on the lips and near eyes. I take the wonderful array of colours and mix them to specification to create my beautiful collection. All the glitters are made from a Polyester Vinyl plastic. 

But why is cosmetic glitter important when using on the skin?

If a glitter is tested to a cosmetic Grade 1 standard it means it's been deemed safe to use near the eyes and lips. This is important as non cosmetic glitter can be made of metal or plastics, or have chemical colours and dyes that are not safe to be near eyes, even to the extent they can scratch/bleed into your cornea or even make you blind. It's a real risk so please always opt for cosmetic glitter and always check that your Face Painter is using full cosmetic standard glitter. 

So why does your packaging still advise to be careful when using near the eyes? 

Though all the glitter on my site is cosmetic and is safe for use on the skin and face, it's still not comfortable to have any little bits in your eyes. I advise against using it too close to the eyes just to avoid it slipping in. It won't do any harm if it does, it just won't be comfortable. 

Bio glitter, what is it?

All my bio-degradable glitter, is sourced from sustainable manufacturers, and made from eucalyptus plant. We have a wonderful all in one sheet explaining all about bio glitter, how its made and what makes it sustainable. 

Who are your trusted suppliers?

I buy most of my colours from a great trusted wholesale German cosmetic glitter supplier who supplies the likes of Lush Cosmetics. I also buy from some great Chinese suppliers for my beautiful gems. If you're interested in a full comprehensive list just ping me a mail. 

If I enquire about a booking etc how long will it take for you to get back to me?

I aim to get back to you within 48 working hours (Monday-Saturday.) Please allow a little more time in busy periods such as Halloween, Christmas and UK national holidays. 

How much will it cost to book you for a gig?

This question is a bit like how long is a piece of string? I always offer fair prices but the price for your event depends on lots of factors, including distance for me to travel, how many people you have at your event and what services you would like, so the more info you can include when you enquire the better quote I can give you. As an idea, a typical 2 hour event is between £70 and £120. 

Once agreed, a 50% booking fee is needed to secure the booking; the balance is then due when I arrive on the day. I will not set up until the payment has been settled. If no payment is received, I reserve the right to leave the event and I would class this as an on-the-day cancellation. For corporate bookings or for events for more than 2 hours 30+ people, balance of payment will be due up to a week before the event. It is your responsibility to make sure payment is made on time. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

I understand situations occur that would lead you to need to cancel your event or booking. For this reason I run a very fair cancellation policy. Up to 14 days before the event I will refund in full. Beyond this point, including on the day, I will refund 10% of the booking deposit. Sadly as I will not have time at this point to book another gig I will need to keep the other 40%. More info on cancellation etc will be included in my confirmation of booking pack once deposit has been paid. 

How many people can you paint in an hour?

I paint approximately 12 faces an hour or 15 glitter designs. This is more than 1 per 5 mins, including you getting in an out of the chair, us discussing your design, me painting or glittering you, you taking a look in the mirror and maybe taking some photos.

What if not everyone gets painted?

5 minutes per face is standard in the industry and you will want to time your event accordingly. As I will normally have another event to get to, I cannot stay past my booking time, so if you are not sure about the number of people turning up please include this in your enquiry and we can discuss your requirements.

I am happy to advise on booking times, please feel free to ask away.


If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact me.